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The Kingdom wants You!

- Do you want to get into RP?
- Do you live near one of the cities of Britannia, and want to aid in its defense? Or do you have your own town?

Consider forming your own Regiment of the Royal Britannia Guard!

Several cities remain undefended!

Please contact the Catskills Event Moderators at to find out details!

Game News
The Story so far...

New Haven Regiment Captain

CatlordUO, Feb 21, 12 7:46 AM.
Sunday 9 pm EST...

Come visit the Aqua Park for our Monthly One Circle Alliance Meeting.

Thank you.

New Magincia needs YOU!

CatlordUO, Feb 11, 12 2:39 PM.
NEW EVENT... and yes, we're back in action.

Event Info

RBG Meeting

CatlordUO, Oct 13, 11 7:19 AM.

Due to current chain of events we're having a vote on where we stand on this storyline...

thank you.


CatlordUO, Sep 11, 11 8:30 PM.
"All available Guards and able volunteers are to report to the Ranger’s Guild in Skara Brae two nights from now. Further details will be given shortly.
-Commander Olivia Kanlocke"

All shadowfists are welcomed to join us at this event.
we will use our shadows due to the political change in direction of the Realm.
All RBG are welcomed to be ready to join the fray.
We also suggest you invite some members of the One Circle Alliance... mostly tamers or archers.
xal l'barra tlu elakar quellarin

Pirate Invasion

CatlordUO, Aug 18, 11 10:23 AM.
Building a Task Force for the 27th...


We will have an Event with WRR on the 27th...

They are planning a invasion... into Magincia.

To thwart their plans... we are building a Task Force.

That Task Force will be warring the WRR guild...

We suggest warriors of any skill level so we can maximize the fun... and to make it simple... we'll use our old Rules Of Engagement...

We will use the Guilds:
- FURY and NMT in this interaction... unless people vote in warring GRI to the WRR guild for one night, but no faction guilds... it is Felucca after all... we wont give room for mistakes...

What do we ask of you?
- add one character to this Task Force,
- use the New Magincia Uniform (black robes/cloak),
- roleplay an army person,
- respect others and have fun.

The Leaders of the Strike Force are:
- New Haven Captain, Belle.
- New Magincia Strike Force, ... to be decided upon, prolly, Miriel.

If you wish to have a deeper role in this... by developing a special branch to fight the invaders... please post your ideas so we make it happen until the 25th... so we're ready for the 27th.

Thank you.

(we have most powerscrolls, so if you need some just ask)


CatlordUO, Sep 13, 10 1:53 PM.

RBG Meeting with Mesanna

CatlordUO, Sep 5, 10 4:48 PM.

RBG Meeting with EM Kasaven

CatlordUO, Aug 21, 10 8:32 AM.

by Kasaven

Good eve, Catskills. I have some bad news to share which in turn does provoke some good news.

EM Nathael is retiring from his position as Event Moderator of Catskills. Without getting too much into details, his personal life and business were getting too hectic to continue with his EM responsibilities.

I want to thank him for his time and effort with the program, even if it was short. Regardless of his duration, he still made an impact on Catskills, and we will certainly miss him.

This brings rise to the good news. There will be no delay in replacing Nathael, which is good news for myself as well as everyone on Catskills. EM Barnaby will be introduced as your new Event Moderator and my new partner at the Meet and Greet on Monday.

In addition to introducing our new EM, I’d like to discuss some things regarding the Royal Guard. I’d like all Captains who are available to attend, as well as any RBG ranking members or otherwise who are interesting in giving input or simply listening in.

Again, I regret to announce Nathael’s departure, but at the same time, I am excited and eager to work with EM Barnaby, and we both look forward to making enjoyable events.

Escort Required for Queen Dawn, a night in Umbra, 8/14 @ 7:30 p.m. EST

CatlordUO, Aug 14, 10 6:14 PM.

by Kasaven

The Royal Crier has announced that Dawn has accepted her invitation from the Umbra RBG division to attend the Black Tie Gala.

The RBG and all able citizens are requested to meet in the Throne Room at 7:30 p.m. EST to escort Queen Dawn to the Black Tie Gala of Umbra.  All are welcome to stay at the events and enjoy themselves. The guard are required to stay and keep watch over the Queen.

Rumors of strange sightings around the portal to Bedlam have been reported, therefore it is recommended that battle gear is worn or brought in addition to formal attire.

Date/Time: 8/14/10 7:30 p.m. EST

Location: Starting at the Castle British Throne Room, marching toward the moongate to Umbra.

Channel: Official Event Chat

Citizen’s Meeting Concerning the Demon Scouts, Sunday 8/8/10 , 8 p.m.

CatlordUO, Aug 8, 10 9:22 AM.
Citizen’s Meeting Concerning the Demon Scouts, Sunday 8/8/10 , 8 p.m. EST
Good eve, I’m organizing an investigation into the recent Demon Scout invasions in Luna and Britain. I’m concerned it is an omen of things to come. Please meet me and be prepared to act upon anything we may discover.


Location: EM Counselor’s Hall

Time/Date: Sunday, 8/6/10, 8 p.m. EST
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